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The Windrush Story

When the empire windrush docked at Tilbury 22 June 1948 it marked the beginning of post war migration and the start of social evolution that changed Britain for ever. After World War II Great Britain had invited common wealth migrants to come to Britain to rebuild what the War had destroyed and this is why Empire Windrush carried the first 492 migrant to this country.

The Windrush Passenger were placed in temporary housing in Clapham South, less than a mile away from the employment exchange where people looked for work. Migrants worked hard performing jobs the local work force was no longer interested in carrying out. Yet the presence of Caribbean prompted complaints, many faced hostility and discrimination.

Nonetheless, over the last 60 year the people of the Windrush and their children and grandchildren have overcome may obstacles and have played a vital role in building the UK economy and redefine what it means to be British, embracing the importance cultural diversity, mutual respect.

Our Story

We are social enterprise organisation established in 1998 on the 40th anniversary of Empire Windrush arriving in the UK. Over the last 10 years, we have organised several projects and events, such as our first Windrush Awards in 1998, then in 2000 and 2012. We also were commissioned with the Jewell Heritage exhibition looking at black and white relationships that emerged from the Windrush. Our subsequent projects are aimed at job creation, employment training, providing accommodation for the homeless, tackling discrimination; ironically some of the same issues that confronted those who arrived on Empire Windrush in 1948, still exist today.

Many of our goals have been achieved through partnerships with other government agencies, local authorities, public sector organisations, voluntary/community organisations and social enterprise. Our partnerships are vital to the positive changes we aim make in the lives of so many people and our communities.

We continue to strive to capture the vision and fulfilling the dream of improving community cohesion, and to empower people to lead independent and prosperous lives that benefits all.

Our aim is to remove barriers to social housing, and improve:

  • employment opportunities
    employment opportunities
  • equality of opportunity
    equality of opportunity
    • empower people to lead independent and prosperous lives
    empower people to lead independent and prosperous lives
  • environment changes in our communities where people can be proud of where they live.environment changes in our communities where people can be proud of where they live.  
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Empire Windrush carried the first 492 migrant to this country

Empire Windrush

The Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury on 22 June 1948, carrying 493 passengers from Jamaica wishing to start a new life in the United Kingdom. The passengers were the first large group of West Indian immigrants to the UK after the Second World War.

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